Hydraulic pump start-up and assembly instructions

Hydraulic pump fitting and start-up procedures

At the time of installing a hydraulic pump, it is very important to understand the basic concepts used in hydraulic systems. If you do not fully understand these or the process of hydraulic pump replacement is beyond your current skills, it is highly recommended to seek assistance from an experienced and qualified professional in order to avoid personal injuries or system damages during assembly and start-up processes.

New and clean hydraulic oil
  • Please check direction of rotation before fitting. Rotation must be as marked on the pump.
  • Fill in with oil the hydraulic pump case before connecting suction, pressure and drain (if available) pipes to pump.
  • Fill in with clean oil hydraulic pump’s case
  • Oil used in your hydraulic system must be absolutely clean before installing the new hydraulic pump.
  • Purge the complete hydraulic system (pump, pipes, fittings, cylinders, motors, valves, etc.) to eliminate all the air from the system.
  • Clean out reservoir and check seals and connections from the system. Check there are no leaks and air inlets to the system (cavitation).
  • Replace filters and add clean hydraulic oil suitable to the system.
  • Hydraulic filters
  • Run at zero pressure for a few minutes and gradually increase pressure to the manufacturer’s recommended level.
  • If there is a drain pipe, it must always be independent and connected directly to the reservoir and extended sufficiently inside the reservoir as to be below the minimum fluid level in order to avoid generating foam and to prevent emptying when the pump is not running. Drain connection must be at the highest possible position, always to prevent fluid emptying from the pump.
  • Excessive side and end loading on the pump shaft is not permisible.
  • Connecting pipe sizes must be compatible with the circuit oil flow.
  • Suction pipe must be clean and should be as short as possible. Avoid sharp elbows and any restriction of cross section. The suction pipe must have access to clean, cooled and filtered oil, free of air bubbles.
  • To avoid/reduce vibrations level, it is recommended use flexible instead of rigid piping.
  • Failure to comply with above may invalidate warranty.
  • Date: 2020-03-13 11:57:00

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